Corporate Training on Social Media and Digital Risk

Corporate Training on social media and digital marketing


After receiving many enquiries and analysing the gap in the market, we have started special service of corporate training on social media and digital marketing. This training is available for all types and size of organisation like any big corporate house, financial and investment banks, insurance companies, retail companies, healthcare clients as well as SME / SMB, start-up, entrepreneurs. The service is available for groups and individual executives. As we want to achieve the target of the companies, therefore the contents of the training can be customised according to the requirements of the companies.

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The highlights of the training programs are:

1. Monetisation: Although it is difficult to calculate the Return of Investment (ROI) on social media, but we will be making efforts that you start receiving some business leads / sales / revenues after attending our training programs and implementing our techniques.

2. User Engagement: The training programs give emphasis on how to engage the customers on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. This will cover how to create strategies, do the planning and start implementing it.

3. Content Management: Developing high quality and engaging content is the most important highlight of our training programs. We always recommend high quality contents either it is on the website or on social media or on blogs. Here we will give the guidelines on how to engage customers by sharing high quality of contents on the social media platform.

4. Online Reputation and PR: As per the requirements of the companies, we advise during our training programs on how to manage the reputation of the companies online. Whatever is being uploaded on internet is being read / shared by millions of people across the world. There is risk involved and it might affect the reputation of the company. So we recommend how to control and govern the contents on social media.

5. Brand Management and Promotional campaign: Our training programs will give the executive information on how they can use the social media to create brand awareness campaign, launching new products or running any promotional campaign.

6. Tool Management: We also give training on how to use the tools for managing social media. As most of the people are using social media on iPad or iPhone or tablets, we provide information on various apps available to access these platforms on various devices.

7. Individual Platform training: You can choose from social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Google Plus or Pinterest etc. according to your requirements or all of these. For example B2B companies prefer LinkedIn and Twitter, B2C projects will prefer Facebook, Twitter and /or Pinterest / Instagram. For videos, there is YouTube.

8. For Everyone: Our training programs are designed for everyone either they are beginners or have some knowledge of the social media and digital marketing. Our programs will benefit everyone.

9. Real Example: During the training session, we will show the results from real time campaigns. The facts and figures demonstrated during the campaign will be from our past or present clients or from our own campaigns / social media accounts.

10. Reporting: We will also explain on how to gather data and prepare the reports for the analytical purposes.

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